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TRX RIP Trainer

€283.90 €98.90
Equipment created by an athlete (Pete Holman) for other athletes. Improve your cardiovascular system, stability, coordination and endurance.
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TRX Support

€49.50 €32.45
This small piece provides an easy attachment point (either on a wall or ceiling) for your TRX.
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TRX Suspension Pro 3

€240.00 €87.90
Suspension training is one of the best when it comes to working your stability, coordination and strength.
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Cross-Training Rings

€55.90 €38.40
Although primarily used in gymnastics and CrossFit, rings can be used by anyone to achieve their incredible benefits.
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Suspension Trainer PRO - BOXPT

€70.00 €60.00
With the Suspension Trainer PRO you can work out every muscle in your body! It can be used at home or outdoors on a tree or other structure.