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Indoor Bike Inxide XS06

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Inspired by the movement of road cycling and triathlon, the XS06 is a high-performance indoor bike for athletes thanks to its rear inertia wheel.

It offers a unique set of features such as its splash-proof structure that protects it against damage caused by moisture, its POLY-V® belt drive system which by means of the 6 Kevlar cord Poly-V grooved belts have been designed to offer an incredibly smooth run with an extremely realistic feel.

The Kevlar cords are stronger and longer-lasting than the materials traditionally used in belt drive systems, resulting in a virtually maintenance-free product that does not need to be tensioned or lubricated.


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  • Latest generation flywheel of approx. 14 kg.
  • High-quality bearings in both connecting rods and flywheels to avoid maintenance costs
  • Top-quality materials: CP-treated seat posts with anti-corrosion function
  • Rear mono-skid brake.
  • Millimetric height adjustment of the handlebars.
  • Millimetric height and depth adjustment of the saddle.
  • Resistance adjustment with graduated adjustment knob.
  • 2 front transport wheels for easy transport
  • Dimensions mounted: 135x55x115cm
  • Recommended hours of use: 10h/week
  • Maximum user weight: 100kg
  • Pre-assembled machine

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