The 6 Best Meditation Apps [2020]

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Training your mind to be able to control feelings of stress and anxiety.

This is one of the main reasons why so many people search for meditation apps.

Meditation is a form of mental training, intending to redirect thoughts and energies towards more positive and relaxing themes, actions, and behaviors.

Do you want to start taking your first steps in this area?

If so, these meditation apps can be a huge help.

After all, you can get great benefits here, as meditation is a great ally in reducing the levels of stress, anxiety, nervousness while allowing you to experience calmer, quieter and more relaxing moments that will have positive repercussions in different areas in the life of those who practice it.

The benefits of meditation

Learning to meditate is not as difficult as you can imagine. You need to dedicate a few minutes of your day to this and, when you realize, you are already so used that the opposite will be difficult: it will be difficult to give up that moment that allows you to concentrate on yourself and your inner self.

Check out all the benefits of meditating:

  • • Helps you lower your blood pressure;
  • • Improves your blood circulation;
  • • It enhances a decrease in your heart rate, as well as helping you breathe calmer;
  • • Lowers your anxiety levels;
  • • Provides you a general feeling of tranquility and well-being;
  • • It allows you to reach your deeper levels of relaxation.

The best meditation apps

1. Headspace

This is the most well-known meditation app in the world. So, it must be one of the options to consider when deciding to take your first steps in the world of meditation.

Headspace is considered a “meditation app for modern life” with the curiosity of been created by an English Buddhist monk, Andy Puddicombe.

The app allows you to conduct 10-minute sessions and the free trial version, although available only in English, is quite complete.

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2. Simple Habit Meditation

This app presents itself as “the best meditation for busy people” because it allows you to choose the time you have available to meditate. So, no matter if you have 5, 10, or 20 minutes, there are programs for everyone.

Also, there is something very interesting about Simple Habit Meditation...

You can choose the place or the situation you are in: at work, at home, walking, if it is morning, if you are going to sleep or if you are going through a phase of great stress. After this, the app selects the most appropriate meditation programs.

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3. Calm

With a wide variety of programs, the Calm app aims to help reduce anxiety, enable more restful nights and a more revitalized sleep - as it should be, as well as helping you feel generally happier.

In one of the most recent updates, the app now includes a set of mindfulness songs to relax whenever you need to.

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The app is recent, but little by little it starts to become one of the favorites of people who rely on meditation apps.

The sessions are narrated by Tadashi Kadomoto, a well-known personal therapist.

Besides, it is completely free and during the sessions, you will also learn some curious techniques that will simplify the ideas you can have about meditation.

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5. Zen

If you would like to try meditation for the first time, Zen is a good choice.

It offers 21 guided programs, with short and light audios, to adjust the integration of this area in your daily routine.

The app is divided into different sections. Besides the guided meditations, you can hear some sounds of nature, piano melodies, ASMR, among others, so you can relax at any time.

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6. Aura

The Aura app has great quality and is quite simple to use since at its base is the Artificial Intelligence technology, which recognizes the mood of the user through a few questions.

With this data, guided meditations of three minutes a day are proposed to reduce stress and make each person feel happier and more positive.

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