The 7 Best Pieces of Equipment to Workout at Home

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With Covid-19 and the quarantine to prevent the spreading of this viral disease, many gyms are closed, but people still want to stay active.

So, we thought about our customers and their well-being and we found the perfect solution for this problem:

Working out at home.

In order to do so, we selected seven items for your training kit and the respective exercises that you can implement in your home workout, in a complete, safe and efficient way.

7 items to workout at home and exercise example

1. Pilates Mat

This mat is super flexible, easy to carry around and has a good grip on the ground, so it doesn’t slip during exercises.

It can be used for Pilates and yoga, but also for practicing any type of exercise or movements, such as strengthening the core, recovering from injuries, improving flexibility, balance and posture.


Hip lift: This is an abdominal exercise that will also work your lower muscles. To do it, you need to lay on your back, bend your legs, support your feet on the floor and stretch your arms close to your body.

To start the exercise, just lift the glutes without straining your arms, just using abdominal and glute strength. Then, lower gently without touching the mat and repeat this movement 12 to 15 times.

2. Ab Wheel

This equipment is resistant, light and small, which makes it very practical to transport. It is easily used on any surface.

It can be used on your knees or standing, according to your level of practice. This is the best equipment to strengthen, define your abs and train muscle stability and coordination.


Ab rollout: To start this exercise, you should place a mattress like the one mentioned before under your knees. Then, kneel and hold the wheel handles with both hands, standing on your knees and keeping your arms straight.

Then slide the wheel forward, keeping your body straight. During this exercise, you should synchronize your breathing: inhaling as you stretch and exhaling when you return to starting position.

3. Vinyl Dumbbells

These dumbbells are ideal for working out at home, as they do not damage any type of surface. They don’t take much space and their vinyl coating makes them more comfortable and secure.

Ideal for power walks, group exercises, stress relief, therapy, toning, aerobics, and yoga.


Lateral raises: This exercise is quite simple: it can be done standing or sitting and two dumbbells are required. You should start by raising both arms to shoulder height - without being fully stretched - and then lower the weight in a controlled manner.

4. Battle Rope

This rope provides a complete workout, as it will be good for your hands, arms, shoulders, legs, glutes, core, back, and forearms. Ideal for working out at home, in the park or on the beach as it is easy and practical to carry.


Battle Rope Waves: This exercise is performed with feet positioned aligned with your shoulders, knees slightly bent, the body a little flexed forward and holding the rope with your hands. Then you should move the rope up and down while you squat and get up. During the exercise, the hips must remain flexed, the spine aligned and the abdominals contracted.


5. Kettlebell

This piece is very famous in every gym. It is mostly used by highly competitive athletes, as it allows a complete and effective workout. 

It is used in strength, explosion, speed, endurance training, among other movements and it allows you to work on any muscle, making it one of the most versatile exercises ever. 


Goblet squat with kettlebell: In this exercise, it is necessary to hold a kettlebell with both hands and put the elbows aligned with the body. The core must remain rigid and contracted, the chest turned up, the neck relaxed, and you must imagine that there is a chair behind you and that you will sit on it. Then, lower yourself until your hips are parallel to your knees and go up again.

Kettlebell (1).png

6. Balance Station

This equipment is very versatile, as it allows you to work any part of the body and is great for strengthening the heels and feet, gaining strength, flexibility and balance.

In addition, it is great for cardiovascular workouts and rehabilitation.


Plank:  To perform this exercise, you need to place the ball with the smooth surface down. Then, support your forearms on the ball and stay in a plank position, keeping your shoulders in the same line as your elbows.

The body must be in a straight line from head to feet. Contract your abs and glutes. You can maintain this position for as long as necessary according to your level of experience. 


7. Step Pro

Finally, we present to you the Step Pro: this platform is ideal for improving your cardiovascular system and coordination, increasing your strength, endurance and balance. It is easy to transport and contains a safe, non-slip surface.


Basic step:  Imagine you’re climbing up the stairs – that is the purpose of this exercise. Position yourself next to the platform, go up with the right foot first and then with the left foot, stopping with both feet on top of the step.

Then just go back to the floor, starting with the right foot. Then repeat the up and down movement, alternating the leg you start with.


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