10 At-Home Resistance Band Exercises

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Several accessories help you train at home in a more dynamic, motivating, and even fun way. Resistance band exercises are proof of this. 

Exercise bands are an excellent tool to have in your home workout kit since they are available in different shapes and with different types of resistance.

What are exercise bands for?

Exercise bands are a great addition to your workout since they can be used to work different muscle groups, rehabilitation, or muscle stretching

Indeed, this was the initial goal of this accessory, which was created to assist in rehabilitation sessions of muscle, joint, and tendon recovery.

Nowadays, resistance bands have a wide range of usage and are great to add variety to your workouts. 

Resistance bands are available in several models, textures, and resistance levels. Therefore, anyone can use them, whether you are a professional athlete or a casual practitioner. 

Besides, it's an accessory that you can take anywhere since they don't take up much space and are still quite accessible.  

Resistance band full-body workout

You can have a full-body workout session using just a couple of resistance bands. 

Ready to see some exercise examples? 

The progression in these exercises is done in two ways: increasing the resistance of the exercise band or increasing the number of sets/reps. 

Chest exercises

1. Resistance Band Push-Up

Attach each end of the exercise band in each hand and pass it over the top of your back. Then, place yourself in a regular push-up position and perform the exercise. 

This variation of the push-up is very beneficial because the resistance band helps create constant tension on the chest.

Perform for 15 reps and three sets.

2. Chest Fly 

In this exercise, the exercise band must be attached to an average height, be it in a door, a pole, or a tree, if you are training outdoors. 

This exercise is just like a cable chest fly, but with elastic bands.

Your initial position should be as follows: Holding the elastic, with the arms slightly bent and the palms forward. 

Then, do a chest fly until the palms cross or touch each other. Keep your arms slightly bent to avoid using the triceps. 

Do 20 reps for 2-3 sets.

According to the height, you place the elastic, you will work on different areas of the chest.

If you pull from top to bottom, you will work the lower part of the chest more.

If you pull from the bottom up, you will work the upper part of the chest more.

Back exercises

3. Exercise band row

Begin the exercise by placing your feet shoulder-width apart and step on the elastic. The knees are slightly bent while leaning forward and holding each end of the band.

You should tighten your core and make sure your back is always straight.

Then, just pull the exercise band as if you were doing a dumbbell row.

Repeat 20 times for three sets.

4. Lat Pulldown

Secure the resistance band in a high position and hold the band with your arms slightly bent. Then, flex your torso forward and slightly bent the knees.

Pull your arms down mimicking a pulldown movement, always controlling the negative portion of the exercise. 

Repeat the exercise 20 times for 3 sets.

Leg exercises

5. Abduction with extended leg

Lie on your right side, keeping your heels, knees, hips, and shoulders in a straight line. The right leg should be slightly flexed for stability during the exercise.

The resistance band is placed on your feet. Then, lift your left leg up until the resistance band is fully stretched. Then, switch sides. 

Perform 15 reps on each leg for 3/4 sets.

6. Squat

Place the elastic band under your feet, which should be shoulder-width apart. Hold the ends of the elastic band with your hands and lift them up to your shoulders.

Do a normal squat, always keeping a tight core. 

Perform 15 reps on each leg for 3/4 sets.

Arm exercises

7. Exercise band curl

Secure the elastic under your feet and hold each handle. Keep both elbows close to your torso while doing the curl movement.

Contract your biceps in the movement before slowly lowering your arms.

Repeat 20 times, over three sets.

8. Unilateral overhead extension

Place the resistance band under one of your feet. 

Then, pull the other end of the resistance band with your hand behind your body. 

Your arm should be at a 90-degree angle behind your head. 

Then, just perform an overhead tricep extension. 

Perform the exercise for 15 reps on each arm for a total of 3-4 sets.

Shoulder exercises

9. Front Raises

Start by placing the resistance band under your feet and hold both ends of the exercise band with your hands. 

Lift your arms forward until they are parallel to the floor. Then, let them down slowly. 

Repeat this for 20 reps, over 3-4 sets.

10. Lateral raise

Here, you're also going to place the resistance band under your feet and hold the other end with one hand. 

Then, perform a lateral raise, just like you would with a dumbbell. Raise your arm laterally until it is at head level. Hold this position for a second before slowly lowering it. 

Repeat this for 12-15 reps on each arm for 4 sets.

Benefits of working out with resistance bands

In addition to being a very practical, accessible, and easy to carry accessory, elastic bands allow you to perform various exercises.

That way, you can always work your full body when exercising with resistance bands. Besides that, there are some other advantages to using exercise bands:

  • • Exercise variety;
  • • Allow for a great range of motion;
  • • Help to strengthen the joints, also contributing to the reduction of the risk of injuries;
  • • Can be used by anyone, of any age, and on any type of training. Since there are different types of resistance, the elastics adapt to the needs of each person.


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