Physical Exercise slows down aging

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Find out the results of a study on the effects of physical exercise on aging! 

Yes, it’s true!

Forget the anti-aging creams and focus on regular physical exercise and eating healthy.

How can we prove that physical exercise slows down aging?

With a study done by the University of Birmingham and King's College London.

Scientists studied the health of adults who exercised for most of their life. Their objective was to know if physical exercise slowed down aging.

The study recruited 125 amateur cyclists aged 55 to 79, 84 of which were male and 41 were female.

They underwent a series of tests and were compared to a group of adults that did not exercise regularly.

The results were incredible!

The study showed that the loss of muscle mass and strength did not occur in those that exercised regularly.

The cyclists also did not increase their body fat or cholesterol levels with age, and the testosterone levels remained high.

But that's not all...

The most surprising thing for the scientists was the fact that these people had an immune system that did not seem to age either.

Professor Stephen Harridge, Director of the Centre of Human & Aerospace Physiological Sciences at King’s College London, said that:

“Their bodies have been allowed to age optimally, free from the problems usually caused by inactivity. Remove the activity and their health would likely deteriorate.”

Professor Janet Lord, Director of the Institute of Inflammation and Ageing at the University of Birmingham, said:

“Hippocrates in 400 BC said that exercise is man's best medicine, but his message has been lost over time and we are an increasingly sedentary society.”

“However, importantly, our findings debunk the assumption that aging automatically makes us more frail."

Norman Lazarus, Emeritus Professor at King’s College London and also a cyclist and Dr. Ross Pollock, who undertook the muscle study, both said:

“Most of us who exercise have nowhere near the physiological capacities of elite athletes."

“Find an exercise that you enjoy in whatever environment that suits you and make a habit of physical activity. You will reap the rewards in later life by enjoying an independent and productive old age.”

This last phrase is the message that we want to leave you with.

Our objective in showing this study is not to turn all of our readers into cyclists.

Independently of the physical activity that you do, you can enjoy these benefits. The key for such is to be consistent like the 84 men and 41 women in this study. Physical activity over the years was what allowed them to have the amazing results observed in this study.

So, find a physical activity that you like and start now!


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