9 reasons to use the battle rope

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Battle ropes are, currently, one of the biggest fitness trends.

You've probably already seen the equipment in your gym or on social media workout compilations.

Battle ropes can be used for specific exercises, as finishers for your workout, or to create complete routines.

In this article, we show you 9 reasons to start using battle ropes!

1. Train your whole body

With just one piece of equipment, you can train almost all of your muscles.

Obviously, the rope works the upper body the most, but it also uses your lower body. If you want to focus more on the lower body, just add specific lower body movements such as lunges or squats to your battle rope workout routines.

Besides, the battle rope targets your grip strength and endurance in all exercises, a factor often overlooked.

2. Improve your balance and coordination

The rope works each side of your body individually, which improves your coordination on each side of the body.

This means that it also works your balance, as one side of the body is usually more developed than the other.

The rope as it works each side individually shows your muscle imbalances. You may notice that your less dominant side generates less force or is less coordinated.

When training with the battle rope, these differences will be, progressively, minimized.

3. Variety of exercises

Just a simple search for battle rope exercises shows you hundreds of variations of what you can do. Exercise options are not lacking. This means you won't be bored as you can change your routines easily.

Watch this video of 45 exercises you can do with a battle rope!

4. Improve your stability and mobility

Training with the battle rope improves your mobility and your athletic ability. This, in turn, helps reduce the risk of injury.

In addition to mobility, the force created by the rope when it’s moving makes you work your stability. 

Couple using battle rope

5. Excellent for weight loss

To lose weight, you simply need to eat fewer calories than you consume.

The battle rope can make you spend a lot of calories!

For this purpose, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts with the battle rope are the most suitable option. With high-intensity workouts, you can burn more calories in 40 minutes, than in 2 hours doing moderate-intensity workouts.

6. Quick workouts

Most people have already missed a workout for lack of time.

There’s no shame in that.

However, you will no longer be able to use this excuse!

Using the battle rope means you can create quick, complete workout routines of 20-30 minutes, without a problem.

7. It can be used anywhere

The battle rope is an equipment that you can easily carry with you anywhere.

This eliminates the boredom that many people have of always training in the same place. 

Are you bored of working out at home or the gym? Just go to the park or beach to train!

8. Low impact on the joints

Unlike running, football, or tennis, battle rope exercises put much less pressure on your joints. By putting less pressure on the joints (knee and elbow, for example), this means you are less prone to injury.

9. It’s fun

Working out can often seem like a chore and changing your routine helps you regain the energy to want to train again.

The battle rope does just that!

They help change your routine, and to have short and fun workouts with huge benefits.

Try the battle rope on your next workout and you won't regret it!

Good workouts!


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