Suspension Training: Working out has never been this easy

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A single accessory that allows you to perform a wide variety of exercises - this is the promise of suspension training.

Curious to know more?

Suspension training, also known as TRX training, allows you to perform a complete workout at an affordable price.

With suspension training, you can perform full-body workouts and adjust the difficulty of the exercises to your level of strength. 

But first, let's explore the history of suspension training!

Its origin is quite curious and unexpected.

It's related to the demanding training program of the Seals - yes, the soldiers of the United States Navy.

The goal was to create a training regimen that can be performed anywhere with a simple to use and light piece of equipment. 

Maintaining peak physical condition is essential to a soldier...

And the solution came in the name of suspension training!

The system transforms the person's body weight into variable resistance according to their physical condition. 

The person using the equipment can choose the level of difficulty of the exercises performed, with a simple variation of the position of the body.

How does suspension training work?

Suspension training is performed with suspension straps, which are lightweight and easy to carry around.

They are composed of nylon strips attached to a hook, which allows you to perform hundreds of exercises.

All of this is done with your own body weight.

In this sense, it allows you to customize your workouts according to your needs.

All of this can be fitted in a small bag that you can take with you anywhere! 

10 Benefits of Suspension training

There are a lot of benefits to suspension training, so we gathered 10 that will surely capture your interest!

  • • Increase in muscle definition;
  • • Increase in strength, endurance, and balance;
  • • You can perform a full-body workout in a short amount of time;
  • • It helps prevent injuries since it's fully adaptable to each person and has a low impact on the joints;
  • • Since it works various muscles simultaneously, it will burn more calories;
  • • A lot of suspension training exercises workout your core tremendously;
  • • It helps you correct incorrect postures, which can lead to the appearance of injuries;
  • • You can create an exercise circuit to also strengthen your cardiovascular system;
  • • It can be combined with other workout equipment - such as the weighted vest or ankle weights (if you want to increase your workout difficulty);
  • • It can be used by people of all ages and all physical conditions.

Suspension training exercises: Some ideas to get started!

Want to start using suspension training and don't know where to start?

Don't look at the suspension straps as if they were the enemy, quite the opposite: After working out with them for a while, you will see how they will help you improve your condition.

Shoulder and back exercises

We start off by "flying"!

What do we mean by this? This exercise is called "Reverse flys" and allows you to work your back and shoulders.

You start by gripping the handles with your palms facing each other, leaning back until the weight of your body is on your heels. 

Another exercise (this one more focused on the back) is the row. Keep your arms straight and then pull with your body weight with your elbows.

If you want to increase the difficulty, you can also do one-arm rows.

Another variation of the row is to do it with your feet suspended on a bench.

Tricep exercises

For the triceps, the "skull crusher" is an excellent exercise that puts constant tension on the muscle. 

To do this, you should place your back to the equipment, holding the straps with your arms extended forward, at the same height as your shoulders.

Lean forward, flexing your elbows and bringing your hands to your forehead. Then, extend the elbows to finish the exercise. 

Bicep exercises

To work the biceps, we have the bicep curl.

Stand in front of the tapes, grab the handles and let your body fall until your arms are straight. Then just curl your body towards the suspension straps.

Chest exercises

It's also possible to do push-ups with the suspension straps. 

In addition to push-ups, you can also do "chest flys"!

The positioning of the body is very similar to how you perform a push-up. When performing a fly, when you go down, open your arms while keeping your elbows a bit bent (just like when you do dumbbell flys).

Core exercises

The suspended abdominal crunch is an exercise for slightly more experienced athletes.

To do this, just put both your feet on the suspension straps and place yourself in a plank position.

Then, flex your hips and knees, bringing your feet toward your body.

Another variation of this exercise is to bring your feet sideways instead of forward. By doing the exercise this way, you are redirecting the focus to your oblique muscles as well. 

Finally, you can also do mountain climbers with your feet suspended on the straps. 

Leg exercises

For the next exercise - reverse lunge, you need to position yourself in front of the suspension straps. Hold the straps with your arms flexed at the same height as your chest.

Then slightly lower the knee of one of your legs and bring the other leg behind the one that is supported, crosswise. Finally, return to the starting position to repeat the exercise.

You can also perform pistol squats and Bulgarian split squats with your foot on the straps!

These are just a few exercises to start your suspension training.

There are many more that you can try!

If you want even more exercises to try out, you can watch this video that has 66 suspension training exercises!

Best of all, you can do these workouts anywhere, anytime!

Take a look at the Boomfit suspension straps and start training as soon as possible!

Good workouts!


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