6 Tips to Lose Belly Fat

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Having trouble losing that last bit of body fat that doesn't seem to go away?

Don't despair, because we have six useful tips, simple to implement in your day to day and that will make all the difference.

The main mistake that people make is to think that, for example, to lose belly fat they must dedicate themselves exclusively to the ab workouts.

But this is not how our bodies work.

6 tips to get rid of belly fat

All bodies were not created equal and, therefore, you should bear in mind that your results will depend on your level of commitment, but also on the needs of your own body. Changes - when healthy - cannot be achieved overnight, but believe that you will be able to.

1. Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly is important not only for belly fat loss but also for the general well-being of each individual.

However, for this specific problem, one of the best options is, in fact, running, as it allows you to use the accumulated fat in different parts of the body as an energy source.

In addition to running, it's also important to complement with some type of specific exercise, such as gymnastics or weight training, to ensure muscle growth. In this way, your metabolism is accelerated in a natural way, which therefore helps to eliminate accumulated fat.

Also, those who want to lose belly fat may eventually opt for high-intensity interval training - that is, alternating between short periods of high intensity and periods of low intensity during the practice of physical exercise, since it allows you to burn more calories in a smaller space of time.

People running in park

2. Eat more vegetables and cereals

To follow a balanced diet, it is necessary to eat a greater amount of certain foods and less - or even none, preferably - of other types of food.

In case of need for belly fat loss, you should then consume more vegetables, greens, and cereals - this is, by the way, an excellent strategy to ensure that you are not hungry between meals, thus not having to commit a few mistakes.

On the other hand, there are certain foods that you should avoid: either very sweet and fatty foods or frozen meals already prepared, as practical as it all may be.

If you have difficulty following a more correct diet, why not use a food diary? This way, you will record everything you consume and you will have a more concrete idea of ​​the behaviors to correct and of what you should maintain.

The most popular option for the food log is MyFitnessPal, an app available for both Android and IOS.

3. Eat fiber-rich foods

The intake of fiber, something naturally present in fruits and vegetables, is extremely important for the intestine to function regularly, which is one of the reasons why you have swelling in the abdomen area.

It can further assist your body with this goal.

But how?

In two different ways: through the ingestion of seeds, such as flaxseed, chia or sesame; and by ingesting the appropriate amount of fluids every day, whether it be water or unsweetened tea, between 1.5 liters and two liters per day.

4. Eat less and more often

To feel good, regardless of whether you are trying to lose accumulated fat, want to lose weight or even want to increase a few pounds, it is important that, throughout the day, you never feel hungry.

Because it is really when we feel hungry, namely unrestrained hunger, that we tend to make the mistake of eventually snacking and eating what we do not need, which undermines the established goals.

In this sense, you should bet on eating foods rich in:

Protein: chicken, eggs, legumes, and oilseeds;

Complex carbohydrates: whole grains and derivatives, vegetables and legumes;

Good sources of fat: avocado, egg, olive oil, nuts, flaxseed.

5. Consume thermogenic

Thermogenic foods are important to speed up metabolism and provide a diuretic effect, which allows reducing the accumulation of fluid in certain parts of the body, while also facilitating the loss of accumulated fat in the abdominal area, mainly.

Examples of consumption: green tea, celery, ice water, chilies, and cinnamon.

Green tea

6. Have a good sleep schedule 

Sleeping between seven to eight hours a night is essential for the general well-being of any adult but above all, for those who practice physical exercise regularly, in order to give the body a rest and later promote more efficient recovery.

On the other hand, little sleep unbalances the body completely, as it increases anxiety levels and favors the release of cortisol - the so-called stress hormone, which can lead to the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area and in the side area.

Now you know the tricks to lose belly fat:

You should bet on the combination of regular physical exercise, follow a balanced eating plan and rest well.


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