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All bumpers are 450mm in diameter according to IWF standards.

Tolerances: + 1% to -1%.

Composition: Quality vulcanized natural rubber discs.

Type of insertion: Rings with 50.4mm opening stainless steel inserts.

Number of falls: estimated 20,000

Durometer: Shore 96

All bumpers are sold individually.

Weight   Dimensions   Color
25kg    91 mm thick    Red
20kg   75 mm thick   Blue
15kg   62 mm thick   Yellow
10kg   47 mm thick   Green
5kg   26 mm thick   Grey

Colored Bumper Plate 25kg - BOXPT


With 45 mm in diameter, and in compliance with IWF standards, Colored Bumpers are the best option for high intensity training sessions. These discs were subjected to tests to drop more than 20,000 times, being the best option in terms of quality/price. Color coding makes it easy to identify.

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