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Dimensions: 1900 mm x 1515 mm x 2500 mm 

Weight: 98 kg (with all components) | 93 kg (without pull up bar)

Composition: Square tube, round and iron plate. Finished with micro textured electrostatic powder paint. Polyethylene covers.

Pull up Bar: 33 mm diameter.

Support Bar: 80 mm diameter.

Length of the loading tubes: 320mm length and 49mm diameter. 

Color: Black. Other colors on request.


  • 2x Bases
  • 2x Poles
  • 4x Fitting triangle
  • 1x Support bar
  • 1x Pull up bar
  • 2x J Cup Hooks

Strong Yoke - BOXPT


The Strong Yoke is one of the most versatile equipments you can have in your training space. In addition to the obvious exercise - Yoke Carry - can use as a Sled, Squat Stand and Pull Up Station. It is extremely sturdy and will hold up more than 350kg.

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