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89,00 € 49,90 €
Great for Step classes in gyms and workouts at home. It improves your cardiovascular system and coordination. 
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Balance Station

189,00 € 69,90 €
Very versatile equipment that can be used to gain strength, flexibility and balance. In addition, it is great for cardiovascular workouts and...
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Mat Wall Support

55,90 € 24,90 €
ATTENTION: FOR THIS PRODUCT, THE ESTIMATED DELIVERY TIME IS BETWEEN 2-4 WEEKS! This iron support is great to organize all your pilates...
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Colchão NBR 1cm

22,50 € 12,50 €
The pilates mat is produced with NBR foam, a kind of softer material. This material adapts and returns to the initial state easily and quickly.
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Body Pump Kit - Coloured

95,90 € 79,90 €
This equipment combines aerobic training with lifting weights. The weight range allows the user to move from beginner to advanced.